Peter Mulcahy is an Aboriginal Artist and a descendent from the Kamilori nation of northern New South Wales. His business name is "MUNGARAN", the Kamilaroi word for "Kite Hawk".

Peter began his art career from a desire to create something taht all Australians would find beauty and pride in, but most of all, would find a better understanding of - life, creation and the all creator (Baayama). It is Peter's belief that only through knowledge of one another can people find their similarities and appreciation of their differences.

Between 1993-1999, Peter spent time teaching young children part-time and was encoraged by the enthusiasm with which they absorb and recreate in their own art - anexperience that has been influential to Peter's art career.

As the years passed, Peter's desire to understand the ancient and once held beliefs of his ancestors grew stronger. For many years Peter has spoken with reverence to his ancestors and from these quite times he is able to seek greater clarity in his understanding of the culture he shares and for assistance and guidance in the type of message he portrays in his art.

It is Peter's wish for his art to be a medium by which people are brought closer by seeing that which was once second nature. Peter hopes that people learn of the inter connectingworld we live and that we will feel the living and real spirit that moves within our mother earth.